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Last week I delivered a book talk at the Santa Clara Central Park Library, and this time (unlike previous ones) I was on time.

More than 40 people were present and, based on the evaluations that were completed after my presentation, it seemed that the overwhelming majority enjoyed my talk (see pics below). And, most important, they are looking forward to having me back to discuss my forthcoming book, Under One Roof: The Yanks, The Cards, and a Doctor’s Battle to Integrate Spring Training.

Speaking of which, I am gearing up for my research trip to St. Petersburg, Florida, where the struggle took place. I will be interviewing people who personally knew the central figure of my book, Dr. Ralph Wimbish. Also, I’m looking forward to touring the city (especially historic African American neighborhoods), visiting the hotels where the Yankees and Cardinals stayed, and seeing the stadium where they played. My objective is to secure a feel for the place so that I could convey to the reader what it was like to live in segregated St. Petersburg in 1961.

This was in the library's front entrance.

To my delight, this was in the library’s front entrance when I arrived.


After I finished signing books, my friend and former co-worker Yvonne and I shared a laugh.


Speaking to a full house.

Speaking to a full house on October 20, 2015 at the Santa Clara Central Park Library.


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